One of the exciting things that you get to do in the lead up to the birth of your baby is decorating the nursery. Deciding on the theme for your nursery can be a lot of fun. There are colors to choose, designs and where everything is going to be placed.

Many people like to have their nursery all set up before the birth of their little one to reduce the stress of having to do it once you bring your new bundle of joy home. It means that as soon as you are home you are able to spend time with your baby in their new room and get them use to their surroundings.

When it comes to choosing kids wall prints to be put in your nursery there are still a few things you need to consider and avoid when making your decision.

Try to find different kids wall prints that not only fit into the theme of the nursery but also does not over power it. You want it to all tie in nicely and not have something that is going to take the appreciation away from the rest of the room.

Also pay attention to the size of the kids wall prints that you want to put up and make sure that it is in proportion to the wall it is going on and the room itself. Choosing the wrong sizes can make the room look really small and cramped and choosing pieces that are very small can make it look like the room is too big and the wall art will not make a statement.

Another thing to consider when choosing your wall prints is not to choose anything that is too stimulating. After all it is going in a nursery where a little baby will be trying to sleep. If you have something on the wall that is too loud and stimulating it can interfere with your new babies sleeping patterns as they will spend all their time looking up at the pretty pictures. Wall art can make a huge statement in a nursery and it can help bring together the whole look of the room.

If you have not yet added wall art to your nursery design – now is the time!