Karen Peck and New River have discharged their first new collection in more than two years. The collection is entitled, “Voyage of Joy”. I talked with Southern Gospel music’s preferred soprano, Karen Peck – she has been selected for Favorite Soprano eighteen years straight! – on the day that Journey of Joy was discharged.

The principal thing that I saw about Karen Peck was her hearts want to contact individuals with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From her heart , the Word approaches, both in her music and in her discourse. Her delicate, humble soul comes through in all that she talks and sings.
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I got some information about the main single discharged to Southern Gospel radio from the Journey of Joy collection. The tune is entitled Last Night. “The previous evening” was composed by a superb companion of mine, she’s additionally an extraordinary musician. Her name is Marsha Henry. She composed the tune that Jeff and Sheri (Easter) sing “Roses Will Bloom Again” and co composed the tune we sang years back, “God Likes To Work When Nothing Else Does”. She’s additionally composed a ton of other incredible Gospel tunes.

“She has been extremely wiped out and the specialists haven’t had the option to analyze her, so for a year she hasn’t had the option to work and she’s simply been truly crestfallen. She composed this tune, ‘The previous evening’ and called me and said ‘Karen I’ve composed a melody I figure you may like.’

Karen said that the first occasion when that she heard the demo that she started to sob. She reviewed how when they were in the studio recording the melody that the Spirit of God fell on the studio and they “had church”. “The main thing I can contrast it with is the point at which we recorded the tune, “Four Days Late” in the year 2000. Four Days was so incredible in the studio and we had a comparative circumstance with “The previous evening”, reviews Karen Peck.

“The previous evening” just as the vast majority of the melodies on “Voyage of Joy” have a somewhat dynamic sound. The tunes are certainly Southern Gospel yet additionally show development from her last collection, “Great To Be Free”. Karen remarked, “We need to consistently develop in the Lord and as we develop in the Lord then every aspect of our lives appears to develop and show signs of improvement. Our steady supplication is ‘Ruler given these tunes a chance to priest to somebody’s heart'”.

“Adventure of Joy” contains tunes that will undoubtedly favor the audience. I delighted in the melody, “At that point He Moved” which highlights the voice of Devin McGalmery. This youngster demonstrates a voice that will make those keen on Southern Gospel music pay heed. His vocals on “Hang On” help me to remember Jason Crabb.

Different tunes on this Southern Gospel collection that stand out are “The point at which The Stone Rolled Away”. This might be the most grounded tune on the CD and exhibits the harmonies that this trio is prepared to do. “Murmured Prayers” is a moving melody with a remarkable closure that highlights a call to salvation by the Reverend Billy Graham.

I asked Karen Peck what has been on her heart recently, what has God up to in her walk. ” I need to satisfy God”, Karen grins. ” I need to have confidence in knowing. It’s simple for me to accept for other people. I can accept that God is going to come through for other people. I can accept and won’t question by any stretch of the imagination. I have companions that are experiencing circumstances and I appeal to God for them and I accept with my entire being that God will bring them through. In any case, at that point when circumstances occur in my life then I begin addressing, ‘Great God – Lord help me’ its so vastly different when the situation is reversed.

“So what I’m supplicating now is – I’ve most likely lived half of my life on this planet. I simply implore that the following portion of my life will tally, will truly mean Him. I need to satisfy God with my confidence. I need to have confidence, accepting that regardless of what I face in my life, that He is there for me and He will deal with me, and not ‘possibly’ yet that He will”.

Its this longing to satisfy God that sparkles in this Southern Gospel collection, “Adventure of Joy” by Karen Peck and New River.